Message notifications issues for BP Doctor watch

1. Realize the basic requirements for message notifications

1.1 Confirm that App is running and connected to the device.

1.2 Confirm that App has set power-saving protection.

1.3 Confirm that App has set the self-start permission. Add App to auto-start and lock the background of the mobile phone to lock the application background (some mobile phones are called to clean the memory white-list)

1.4 Check whether the “do not disturb” mode of the band is on. The message notifications won’t work under this mode.

1.5 Ensure that there are messages pop up in the “notification bar” of the mobile phone;

1.6 Find the notification usage right in the “settings”, turn it on.

2. There is no message notifications for Face-book, QQ, We-chat and other apps?

2.1 Confirm that applications such as Face-book, QQ, We-chat, etc. allow messages to be displayed on the “notification bar”.

2.2 Turn off the App notification permission then go to “settings” and reopen it.

3. No notifications for incoming calls?

3.1 Confirm that the “system-settings- Application permissions-contact/address book” is on.

3.2 Confirm that the calling permission is on.

4. No notifications via SMS?

4.1 Confirm that the “system-settings- Application permissions-contact/address book” is on.

4.2 Confirm that the SMS permission is on.

5. Why is the Wechat, QQ and other information notifications settled, but the band does not notify them?

We-chat and QQ notifications must follow the following conditions:

5.1 The mobile phone is in a dormant state and the process cannot be closed; 5.2 The computer and mobile phone cannot be online at the same time;

5.3 The band need to be always connected to the mobile phone and Bluetooth need to be always on.

5.4 The Message notification and the relevant permissions of Android are on; the pairing request popped up by IOS must be allowed Tip: The band will also remind you when the “Do Not Disturb” mode is settled on the phone after logging in to We-chat on the computer.

6. I have set up a calling notification. Why the band does not vibrate to remind me when I get a call?

First of all, please make sure that the mobile phone's Bluetooth is on and connected to the band; secondly, for non-IOS systems, please check if the App is running (it is fine only running in the background).

Tip:Please add the App to the white-list due to the one-click memory cleaning and some housekeeping software. Those may clean up the process or block the process of App.

7. Can the vibration times of incoming call be modified?

The number of vibrations for call reminders cannot be modified;

8. How to use message notification

The band supports receiving We-chat, SMS, QQ,and other message notification. Please move to the APP to set it up.

8.1 Keep the band and the mobile-phone connected through Bluetooth;

8.2 When message noticed, you can view the latest 5 pieces of information at most; 8.3 Delete messages by long pressed the message(part of the device support this function)

9. How to use calling notification

9.1 Keep the band and the mobile-phone connected through Bluetooth;

9.2 If there is no mark for the calling phone number, the phone number will be displayed directly.

10. The band cannot receive We-chat SMS and incoming calling notifications.

10.1 The function and the calling notification need to be turned on in the APP and synchronized to the band. The IOS system needs to allow Bluetooth pairing when setting up;

10.2 The Bluetooth connection needs to be maintained, and the band can only receive the current time information and incoming calls. The message before connected will not be reminded;

10.3 After We-chat is set to "Do Not Disturb” mode, you will not be able to get reminders;

10.4 For ios 13 or above, you need to set [Settings]-turn on [Bluetooth]-select [My Device]-turn on [Sharing System Notification] in the mobile phone system.

11.How to deal with the notifications of Face Book, twitter, Line, QQ, We-chat and other applications that are not displayed on the band?

11.1 Confirm that applications such as Face Book, twitter, Line, QQ, We-chat, etc. allow messages to be displayed on the” notification bar”.

11.2 Closing the “Application notification permission” and reopen it.

11.3 After connected, the band and the mobile-phone need to keep connected.

12. There is no calling notification or address book display.

12.1 When setting the incoming calling notification, you need to keep the Bluetooth on. Please check whether the Bluetooth is on and the band is connected .

12.2 Secondly, the calling notification requires the App to keep running in the background. Please check whether the App is running in the background. For details, please refer to the usage help "->App background running permission setting".

12.3 Confirm that the contact/address book permission is enabled.

12.4 Confirm that the phone permission is on.

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