Smart watch with blood pressure

To be sure, exercise is of great benefit to the control of hypertension, and doctors often advise patients with hypertension to exercise more. Exercise can help patients to reduce their weight, improve the phenomenon of insulin resistance, and thus help to stabilize blood pressure. At the same time, exercise is also of great help to emotional stability, it can make people feel comfortable, more optimistic, can relieve the tension and anxiety in work and life.

1, walk

Walking can be described as a kind of exercise suitable for all ages. It does not have high intensity and will not lead to increased heart rate in the process of exercise. Although it is simple and easy to do, it has a very good role in stabilizing blood pressure.

Hypertensive patients insist on walking, not only have the effect of reducing blood pressure, but also reduce the discomfort symptoms caused by hypertension. The walking speed of patients with hypertension can be slowed down at the beginning. It is advisable to walk 3-4 kilometers per hour, and exercise for about 20 minutes every day. With the increase of physical quality, the walking speed can be appropriately accelerated, and it is advisable to sweat slightly, and it is best to walk to 10,000 steps every day.

2, jogging

Compared to walking, jogging is more physical and requires more physical fitness. Jogging is more suitable for patients with mild disease, insist on jogging, can be a good control of blood pressure. In addition to lowering blood pressure, jogging can strengthen the body's digestive function and help to regulate gastrointestinal diseases.

3. Tai Chi

Taijiquan has obvious effects in preventing and improving hypertension. Taijiquan in the exercise, because the movement is relatively soft, can be very good to relax the muscles, can play the effect of reducing blood pressure. And tai chi can also eliminate tension, anxiety, avoid blood vessel constriction, also help to improve blood pressure.

What's more,wearing a BP smart watch which can monitor your health everywhere will help you a lot to better get your goals.