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Nowadays, many people choose to go to the gym to train, but many people choose to exercise according to their own interests. Do you know the proper routine for a gym workout? Do the right order to get better fitness results.

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Step 1: Prepare

Carbohydrate supplements are important, and eating 30 minutes before exercise will help you feel stronger. Especially for those who build muscle, adding high-carbohydrate food before exercise can effectively reduce muscle breakdown and prevent the more you exercise, the thinner you become.

Step 2: Stretch

Dynamic stretching before exercise is recommended to reduce muscle viscosity, increase blood flow to the working muscle group, improve athletic performance, and reduce the occurrence of sports injuries.

Step 3: Strength exercises

Beginner bodybuilder: Strength exercises should be based on machine training with a track, supplemented by free weights. Because the stationary device has a certain movement path, it is easier to master, and muscle groups will be more effective exercise.

General bodybuilders: can first carry out 20 ~ 45 minutes of strength exercise, and then carry out 20 ~ 45 minutes of aerobic training, the overall fitness time is controlled in about 1 hour.

Intermediate and advanced trainer: can extend the training time or improve the training intensity according to their own needs.

Step 4: Declutter your exercise

To stretch mainly. The method is static stretching, not bouncing up and down.

Each part can be repeated two to three times for 15 to 30 seconds.

In addition, the target muscles should be stretched from group to group during machine training.

Step 5: Shower and change

Don't rush into the shower after training. Take a short break and use a lukewarm bath when you stop sweating.

The most prone to problems in the gym is the sauna room. After intense training, the blood has been flowing into the muscles. At this time, the blood supply and oxygen supply of the viscera and brain are insufficient, which is easy to appear dangerous.

Step 6: Eat nutritious meals

Generally, after exercise, a small meal should be supplemented, mainly with a small amount of protein, high glycemic index carbohydrates, minerals and water. Within 2 hours after exercise is the golden absorption period of nutrition, muscle enhancement must seize the opportunity.

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