Smart watches

With the rapid development of smart phones, smart watches also occupy an increasingly important position in the watch market. People are more and more inclined to an intelligent life, so they have an inexplicable sense of worship for smart watches, cool appearance, and powerful functions are the reasons why consumers increasingly choose it.

1. Rich application functions

For example, call reminder, information reminder function, heart rate monitoring function, sleep function, exercise step counting, calorie consumption, schedule management, alarm clock reminder, long standby, long battery life, GPS positioning, track navigation, temperature altitude, compass function. These are all unique features of smartwatches. These smart functions greatly improve the user's adhesion and the frequency of repeated use of the watch. From a single view of time, we want to develop in multiple dimensions and in multiple directions. Rejuvenate the vitality of the watch and greatly improve the functionality and practicability of the watch.

2. Health monitoring function

The detection function is the largest functional application of smart watches, and the accurate positioning of health functions from the development expenditure of smart watches is just what everyone needs for smart watches. Health is the biggest appeal of the human body and the core driving force to keep life evergreen. Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep quality monitoring, mood and fatigue monitoring, etc. are all closely related to health. This is an important function that traditional watches cannot provide.

3. Voice interaction function

For example, the voice search and voice control functions of smart watches. The smart watch can be used as a transmission medium to connect air conditioners, washing machines, speakers, and other home appliances. Indirect or direct control of other household appliances or automotive products, etc., such as TIcwatch watches, can achieve these functions.

4. Payment functions at your fingertips

Wearing a smart watch can realize the payment of bus card and subway card. Even consumer payment parties can be done through smartwatches. But at present, the number of people using such watches is not too large. The climate has not yet formed, and it will still take time to observe. TIcwatch smart watches, Lakala payment watches, and brush bracelets all have payment functions.

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