Best Smart Watch For Elders

With the development of modern society and the advancement of Internet of Things technology, more and more smart devices have entered people's lives, bringing great convenience to people's lives. With the improvement of the quality of life, children also hope To provide a high quality of life for the elderly, but many elderly people now have a weak ability to learn and accept new things because of their old age, and their memory, vision and hearing decline, resulting in the elderly often getting lost and falling.

The smart bracelet of the older generation is a wearable product and is easy to use, but the current design of the smart bracelet for the older generation is not comprehensive enough, and the family cannot be informed of the situation after the older generation falls or faints.

Therefore, this paper proposes a smart bracelet for the elderly with comprehensive functions and early warning function, which not only provides security for the elderly, but also brings great convenience to the life of the elderly.

The smart bracelet for the elderly is a smart wearable bracelet suitable for positioning tracking and emergency calls for the elderly. Families can get the elderly's place at any time; it is not only small and portable, but also fully functional and easy to operate. The size and weight are moderate, easy to carry, and convenient for the elderly to use; there are four one-button emergency buttons on the smart bracelet for the elderly, you can ask for help, the speed dial button can dial a predetermined number, and the phone number of the contact person can be preset, which can quickly contact family members, and Talking with family members makes the operation of the elderly faster, without entering the phone number of the other party, saving the trouble of calling a mobile phone in an emergency. And it can filter incoming calls from non-registered phone numbers; it can provide the current location information of the device.

As long as the elderly wear a GPS personal smart bracelet for the elderly, the family can know the location of the elderly at any time and better control the location of the elderly; can send text messages and set any settings 4 family numbers. When there is a danger or emergency, press any key to contact your family. Families can set this area of ​​the community as a safe zone. When an elderly person walks out of the safe zone, the device will automatically send an alarm message to the family to let them know the whereabouts of the elderly.