Smart Health Watch

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The built-in personal health sign monitoring function of smart watches, no matter which one it is, plays a strong guiding role in our physical health. For example, heart rate monitoring and blood pressure monitoring, heart rate monitoring is the most important part of heart health research, and many precursors of atrial fibrillation will be reflected in the heart rate.

If the smart wearable device we carry with us can help us detect abnormal data in time, it can inform us and detect it in time so that we can find a professional doctor for treatment. Similarly, ECG can help us judge the heartbeat, frequency and rhythm, and can diagnose some cardiovascular diseases.

After the smart watch is equipped with the ECG function, it can record the graphics of the ECG signal in detail. For the detection of abnormal heart rhythm conditions such as atrial fibrillation and premature beats (ventricular premature beats, atrial premature beats), it can help users to identify arrhythmia in a more refined manner and provide arrhythmia risk.

Screening, personalized guidance, appointments and integrated management services to self-manage heart health. Especially for people who often work overtime and stay up late, have irregular diet, obesity, and occasional heart discomfort, the monitoring of these functions has important reference value for personal health management.