BP doctor watch

According to statistics, one in three American adults suffers from high blood pressure, and high blood pressure is considered to be a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease, kidney failure and other diseases, because high blood pressure is often easily overlooked. By then, it's usually too late. Therefore, continuous monitoring of blood pressure through wearable devices has become a trend today.

Now, there is a wearable device that can track and manage a user's personal health in the form of a smartwatch.

This blood pressure measurement smartwatch from the United States, called BP Doctor, is different from traditional arm blood pressure monitors. BP Doctor is smaller and more portable; in the "wearable blood pressure smart watch" in the market, people tend to measure pulse readings. Estimate blood pressure. The fact that such measurements are inaccurate, BP Doctoe has taken a more traditional and accurate approach by miniaturizing traditional oscillating measuring elements and using an inflatable cuff inside the strap for accurate blood pressure readings. This makes BP Doctor unique and second to none in the industry.

The BP Doctor is able to take accurate blood pressure readings using the inflatable cuff inside the strap, measuring systolic and diastolic blood pressure by the oscillatory method. Basically, a blood pressure cuff and an inflatable cuff are tied on the arm with a special medical device for measurement, which is the same principle as the BPDoctor, but the BP Doctor is much smaller.

Comparing the accuracy of BP Doctor and traditional blood pressure measuring instruments in calm state and exercise state respectively, it is found that BP Doctor can accurately measure blood pressure and heart rate whether in active state or calm state.

However, we recommend taking blood pressure readings in a calm state and carefully following the guidelines, holding the device above your heart, approximately 5 cm from your chest.

During the test, simply press the button and place your hand on your heart, and the cuff will automatically inflate and deflate. When it's done, you can see your blood pressure reading on the screen. If it's in the healthy range, you'll see a green circle. If your blood pressure is too high, the border will turn red.

BP Doctor provides hypertensive patients with a continuous and accurate reading method, which can monitor how their lifestyle affects their data fluctuations. Synchronizing this data into a matching application provides users with comprehensive reports including high voltage, low voltage and pulse. Users can store their own data to track trends and see when their blood pressure rises or falls. Create a treatment plan or treatment plan that suits you based on trends.