Airbag Strap Blood Pressure Test Specification

1 Test specification

1.1 Wearing position

1.1.1 Wear it uniformly on the left palm and wrist, maintaining a moderate tightness when wearing, as shown in the following figure:

1.1.2 The airbag is aligned parallel to the strap, as shown in the following


1.2 Test posture

【1】 Before measurement, gently place the palm of the left hand on the

arm of the right hand. The palm of the left wrist automatically extends, and

the palm of the right hand supports the elbow of the left hand. The watch is

level with the heart (Figure 1)

【2】 Place your feet flat without crossing (Figure 1)

【3】 Steady sitting posture and body relaxation (Figure 2)

【4】 Wearing hand airbag without pressure (Figure 2)

【5】 Keep quiet during the measurement process to avoid speaking or emotional fluctuations, and wait for the measurement to end


wrist palm stretch naturally keep quiet
avoid talking
The watch is flush with the heart
support the elbow
Feet flat without cross
Do not press on the air bag   Sitting steadily body relaxation


Attention: Before measurement, ensure that there is no vigorous exercise or other

activities within half an hour. Sit quietly for 5 minutes before starting the



Measure with an interval of 1-2 minutes between each measurement.The arms

(especially elbows) should not feel cramped by clothing, and the equipment

should not be worn outside or pressed down by clothing


Incorrect posture illustration

Suspended Make a fist  Shrug




Place desktop  Unsupported or everted



Airbag is pressed  Wrist bend Stand